Happy children`s town

Ivano-Frankivsk college of Vasyl Stefanyk Precarpathian national university hosted the “Happy children’s town” event to mark The International Day for Protection of Children. The inclusive space for children provided educational activities and games for speech amd mobility development, animated kinesiology Читати далі

“Waiting for spring to come”

Third year students of the department of ”Preschool Education”  together with their teacher of ethnography Olga Gurey organized an unusual event. It was a real holiday on that day. They sang folk songs, danced and even played the bandura which Читати далі

Protection of courseworks

Our students successfully passed their credit in ethnography. It was held by Olga Gurey, a teacher of ethnography.  Students of the third course of the department of ”Preschool Education”  represented the most interesting projects, such as ”Ukrainian home. Interior of Читати далі